Nomadic Guardian Training solutions


Description of Services: Services Offered: The Guardian Keep will offer a number of base and advanced courses to its students…

● Self-Defense Introduction: (4 hours) this class is designed to introduce the basics of hand-to-hand combat. Group rates available. 

● Unarmed Tactical Defense Course: (6 hours) this class is for those with a basic understanding of hand-to-hand combat and seeking to improve their skills with additional techniques such as takedowns, counters, etc. Student must have undergone the Self-Defense Introduction Course before taking this class. Group rates available.

● Weapons Defense Course: (8 hours) this class is designed to educate students how to negotiate an encounter with a staff-like weapon, knife or gun, and in theory, walk out of the encounter as the victor. Student must have undergone the Self-Defense Introduction Course before taking this class. Group rates available. 

● Still Standing Program: (scheduled continued training) this is a monthly program where those who feel they have the necessary skills to spar with another similar-level student with an instructor overseeing and giving real-time strategy and tactics for a hand-to-hand encounter. Student will be given days/hours where Dojo will be open to students who wish to participate in this program, and will have the operational freedom to do so. Student must have undergone the Self-Defense Introduction Course, Tactical Defense Course and Weapons Defense Course before entering this program, Instructor approved. $200 monthly per individual.

● Private Tactical Firearms Training: this is individual based training that will improve a person’s skills to higher levels paralleling the elite combat troops and techniques utilized by US Special Operations forces. This training is customized to the individual’s desired outcome and priced accordingly. 

● Texas Private Security Level 2-4 Licensing: The Texas Private Security Training will be conducted to the Regulations of the Department of Safety’s standards for Private Security. These courses will result in the student receiving their Private Security License and Commission upon successful completion of the course requirements and testing. The individual classes will be listed as the following: Level 2- $80, Level 3- $200, Level 4- $400. 

● Close Quarters Combat: This course will educate the student in the unique operations and tactics required for one to successfully maneuver through unconventional places like homes, office buildings and urban environments. The course will be taught by Licensed Instructors with specialization of pistol, rifle and shotgun licenses.

● NRA Courses: The training schedules for NRA classes will be posted and maintained on the website calendar as well as within the buildings on the property. Each NRA instructor will set and teach courses of their qualified disciplines by a date convenient to them and regular in the business schedule. Costs of courses will be set by instructors.

● Basic Firearms Training: this course is designed to give the individual a comfortable foundation of weapon safety and shooting mechanics. Trigger squeeze, breathing control and sight picture are the main focus.

● Advanced Firearms Training: this course is designed to teach the individual how to maximize a weapon’s effectiveness. This course is designed to teach precision, maneuvering and accuracy with your chosen weapon. 

● Unconventional Shooting Mechanics/ Stress Response Training: this course is designed to teach the individual how to respond to real world scenarios, to include home invasion, vehicular response and shooting from non-textbook positions. 

● Long-Range Marksmanship: this course is focused on the rifleman’s ability to accurately and consecutively engage targets over 300 yards with a long gun/rifle. The individual will focus strongly on weapon comfort, body position, trigger squeeze and sight picture.

● Reflexive Fire Marksmanship: this course is designed to build the individual’s ability to attain a sight picture and target accurately, without the use of iron sights. The individual will gain knowledge of utilizing a smooth and ergonomic system for firing their weapon from the holster, on the move.

● Weapons Range: these facilities, indoor and outdoor, are available for use without a scheduled appointment to the public. All firearms and calibers are welcome at the outdoor ranges, calibers under 7.62 NATO/.308 Win are allowed in the indoor range.

● Texas License to Carry Course: the Texas certification for a License to Carry Course will be taught at the facilities. Individual sessions or group rates are available by request.

● Texas Correctional Officer Training & Credentialing: this course will be taught to the State standard for Correctional Officer (Jailer) training mandated by TCOLE and taught by TCOLE Licensed Instructors. 

● Texas Law Enforcement Continuing Education: Archangels PSC will offer Texas Law Enforcement Officers with advanced training courses that may be creditable for TCOLE training hours to the training officers.

● Armored Car Tactical Driving: This course is tailored to educate those who utilize Armored Cars regularly in their line of duty to perform with confidence when the time matters. This two day course will build a strong foundation for those to maneuver their vehicle through modern day obstacles with efficiency. 

● Armored Vehicle Operator’s Course: This course is tailored to prepare those who routinely operate in conjunction with an armored car and its associated services for real-world challenges, obstacles and how to overcome the same. This two day course will leave the Guard feeling competent and ready to safely, efficiently and professionally conduct operations focused around the use of an armored car.

● Security Team Strategies & Tactics: This course is designed for those seeking to operate in a multi-member professional security team. This three day course will bring elements of organization, movement and execution to each student in the correct role each position/person should play in a live scenario.

● Urban Surveillance & Tracking: This course is designed to give its students the ability to tail, spot a tail, conduct reconnaissance, and exploit their objective in a discrete and near untraceable manner. This course is a four day class that will incorporate a number of skills, strategies and methods to complete the task with minimal contact to the objective and the objectives awareness.